MANNAGENN Management Engineering Approach

Competition is increasing constantly. Profit margins are decreasing continuously under increased competitive pressure. Customer expectations are changing daily due to extensive alternatives. Finding qualified human resource to meet these expectations and variability is becoming harder. Any difference achieved is resolving into ordinary in no time.

Attributes that were formerly recognized as strengths are now surfacing as managerial problems. Being sizeable and having a deep-rooted tradition were recently notable qualifications. Today we witness that size causes deceleration and tradition obstructs change. Management was regarded as "art" back then. Today management has become a branch of "science" which is advancing towards engineering. Competition is irresistibly forcing every management component it is in touch with to change, then to change again before even being able to adapt change and finally to an absolute transformation that perpetuates continuous change. Countless worldwide corporations are disappearing before our eyes that fail to manage this transformation.

MANNAGENN is positioning itself at the focal center of this transformation which management is converging into engineering. We solve managerial problems with analytic methods by uniting our engineering formation with social competencies. We call this innovational approach "management engineering". By providing our clients competitive advantage with quick wins and permanent improvements, we contribute their success with ours.

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