Human Resources

Human resource is a very valuable resource with strategic importance. Like any other resource, human resource can also be ineffectually utilized. MANNAGENN aims to prevent this ineffectiveness with its Management Engineering services. MANNAGENN studies each step of the HR value chain with its sector and business specific best-practices. Evaluates the human resource in terms of current competencies and potential and determines the improvement opportunities. Reinforces the organizational structure with Performance Management (PM), Workforce Management (WFM) and Management Engineering practices. Reduces the work-load of HR processes with its Business Solutions. Helps HR departments to work more efficiently and focus on strategic management by undertaking their operational processes partially or as a whole.

HR Solutions Quick Wins

MANNAGENN offers the following service portfolio for organizations that would like to acquire quick wins by focusing exclusively on human resources subject matters within MANNAGENN Management Engineering Components;

  • Consultancy and best practices for the entire HR value chain.
  • Performance Management (PM) and Workforce Management (WFM).
  • Human Resources Outsourcing services.
  • Human Resources Management (HRM) Solutions and information systems integration.
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