Strategic Consultancy

Strategic management, despite its indisputable importance, is an executional process that organizations experience great difficulty to perform. In an executive survey conducted in March 2013 by The Economist with the participation of 587 senior executives globally, 88% of respondents said that executing strategic initiatives successfully will be essential for their organizations’ competitiveness over the next three years. Yet 61% of respondents acknowledged that their firms often struggled to bridge the gap between strategy formulation and its day-to-day implementation. Only 13% of the executives believed that their companies were displaying an above-average performance to bring strategies into life and only 6% believed that their strategies were fully aligned with their business models.

MANNAGENN elevates organizational strategies that have been reduced down to nondimensional mission and vision statements with in-depth and systematic analysis. By presenting rational observations from a competitive perspective and composing applied business plans for execution, MANNAGENN fills the gap between strategies and its daily implementations. Our services that align and harmonize strategies and business models with each other, bring substantial advantages to our clients by strategic and competitive means.

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