Marketing Consultancy

MANNAGENN clients are hungry for prizes! We have shared 19 major prizes with our clients from local institutions and foundations, international technology vendors like Microsoft and HP and global events and organizations with our marketing projects since 2006. We are kindly inviting you to be our next big project, to combine creative ideas with feasible solutions.

Some of the Prizes MANNAGENN Clients Have Won

  • Best marketing plan creation & practice (enterprise solutions).
  • Best marketing strategy.
  • Best in customer service.
  • Best integration of social media with marketing strategies.
  • Best channel management (B2B).
  • Best brand communication (B2B).
  • Tele-marketing partner of the year (highest income).
  • 2 local, 2 across Europe, 9 across EMEA, 6 global, a total of 19 corporate prizes.

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