Business Process Analysis, Optimization and Management (BPM)

MANNAGENN delivers Business Process Analysis (BPA), Optimization and Management (BPM) services to organizations that would like to acquire quick wins by focusing exclusively on business process subject matters within MANNAGENN Management Engineering Components.

MANNAGENN numerically determines the optimum inputs and outputs of processes by placing simulative layers between current status (AS/IS) and target status (TO/BE) layers during the analysis phase. Composes rational inputs to strategic decisions by comparing alternative scenarios with each other based on costs, ROI, quality risks and other criteria. Realizes engineering calculations such as permanent staff, maximum productivity and sigma level by superpositioning process flows. These practices, besides their direct gains, allows the key performance indicators (KPI) that will display that the processes are executed with sufficient resources and correctly during the management phase to be determined during the analysis and optimization phase. During the modelling phase, all process flows are generated in compliance with international notation standards. This assures the compatibility of the flows with SOA enterprise solutions.

MANNAGENN differentiates with its ability to transform process flows into applications and its expertise in business process outsourcing. Our Business Process Automation Solutions bring static drawings into life. Our Business Process Outsourcing Services (BPO) helps organizations to delegate their processes and manage their providers. With our application oriented practices, we ensure tangible and measurable Business Process Analysis, Optimization and Management Services to all our corporate clients.
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