Human Resources Outsourcing (HRO) Services

Competition has forced organizations to focus on their core businesses and to outsource any process that does not directly add value to their products and services. Every 8 out of 10 companies that has managed to achieve growth in 2012, has delegated their human resources processes to an outsource provider partially or as a whole.

Companies that outsource their human resources processes to MANNAGENN, benefit the advantages of working with an experienced and dependable provider and gain the following outcomes;

  • Use their current resources more effectively by assigning labor intensive functions of HR to MANNAGENN.
  • Avoid unproductive employment by providing infrequent functions of HR from MANNAGENN.
  • Increase the quality of their HR services by providing functions that require higher competencies from MANNAGENN.
  • Focus on strategic management by delivering operational workloads.
  • Accommodate measurement, assessment and performance management services from MANNAGENN to ensure the objectivity and calibration of their system.
  • Increase the quality of their human resource and competitiveness with MANNAGENN’s experience on HR and its supplementary services.
  • Delegate the entire functions of HR to MANNAGENN to entirely benefit from the advantages of outsourcing to save resources to improve their own core business.

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