Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) Services

MANNAGENN gives assistance to its clients to outsource their business processes and manage their providers as an extension of its Management Engineering services.

MANNAGENN determines all activities that do not add value to the final product and services and calculates the costs and losses caused by these activities during business process analysis. These calculations generate inputs to simulative studies, which outsourcing risks such as business continuity and quality losses and desired acquisitions are compared with each other. The break-even points of these analysis allows the key performance indicators (KPI) that will display that the processes are executed with sufficient resources and correctly by the outsource provider to be determined. These criteria are transformed into technical and administrative specifications. The proposals from the providers that comply to these specifications are examined economically to support the final decision making and agreement process.

MANNAGENN takes its Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) Services one step ahead by undertaking the examination, supervision and management of the outsourcing providers to ensure its clients a Single Point of Contact with all their outsourced services. MANNAGENN clients benefit from the advantages of outsourcing with minimum management costs and continuously improve their processes with the contribution of an accomplished partner.

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