Business Process Automation

Documenting workflows is the most expensive enterprise documentation process in terms of management and operational costs. However, despite the effort and investment, most workflows remain on paper and never get the chance to be implemented. This causes the workflow documentation to be outdated. A BPTrends research in 2012 indicates that only 5% of organizations have up-to-date workflows. The problems that start with outdated documentation continue with ineffective process management, productivity and quality losses, redundant paper circulation and increased bureaucracy and finalize with the lack and miss of trust for business process management itself.

Draw and execute!

MANNAGENN turns workflows from static drawings into dynamic applications with its Business Process Automation Solutions. The applications are designed, modified and executed over the drawings requiring no computer programming knowledge. Once the workflows become operative and gain functionality, process management becomes an active function of the organization. Productivity and quality losses become minimized. Paper circulation disappears except for legal purposes. The trust and need for business process management increases. Continuous improvement becomes a natural process with improvement requests that come from the users.

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