MANNAGENN is giving assistance to its corporate clients to solve managerial problems of professional business with engineering practices since 2006.

We are reinterpreting management, a social science, with analytic methods by combining our engineering formation and social competencies. Our professional approach is defined as “management engineering”. By assisting our clients to understand, comprehend and harmonize opposite dynamics of contemporary business, we help our clients to adapt change, lead, differentiate and gain “true” competitive advantages.

We believe

We believe that management – once an art, currently a social science – is digitally transforming into a branch of engineering.
As MANNAGENN, we wish to contribute in this inevitable change one project at a time.

We aim

We aim to help our corporate customers to adapt change, transform, innovate, differentiate, and remove the gap between strategies and their execution to gain a significant competitive advantage with our applied methodologies.

We value


Engineering in management.

Continuous change and continuous improvement.

Agile sustainability / sustainable agility.

“Real” and “realistic” innovation.


Team play. Team play. Team play!

Endless hunger for applied curiosity.

Faith, reliance, confidence, commitment and positive contribution.

Just, equitable and moral management for everyone.

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