Corporate Startup

How can long-established corporate organizations adapt a competition which being fast is more vital than being big? How can they lead their disruptive competitors while having a “long-established” tradition obstructs change and being “corporate” causes deceleration?

Here is how we believe they can’t; by adopting an AS-IF strategy trying to act as if they were startups. However, while it is obvious that “big” can’t be “small”, “fast” can’t be “slow” and “old” can’t be “new”, this is exactly what organizations are trying to do, and precisely why they are failing. As a result we are witnessing countless corporations disappear before our eyes that lag behind their competition.

As MANNAGENN,  we value the strengths of AS-IS over AS-IF. Instead of trying to mutate organizations and destroy their DNA in the process, we carefully engineer our clients to adopt, practice and manage innovation as a strategic and cultural component. Instead of becoming as-if startups, we help them use their as-is potential, loyal client base and existing resources “to be as innovate as startups”.

Corporate Startup Services

MANNAGENN’s Corporate Startup Services consists the following live-cycles;

Corporate Startup Strategy

Corporate Startup Practice

Corporate Startup Management

Continuous Innovation

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In 2006, we consulted a One Year Old Startup to make it to the short-list and win against World’s Second Biggest ERP Vendor a 7 figure ERP tender for The Worlds Leading Pharma Distributor. Our company was only 3 months old at that time. We are working with startups and corporate organizations to improve their game ever since.

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