Tips To Improve Productivity During Lockdown

Disappointed about your productivity during the lockdown? So are we!

We are being bombarded on Linkedin with optimistic messages what a “great opportunity” the corona lockdown is. Now after 4 weeks of (not) working from home many of us look back and feel disappointed about what we did so far.

I heard this sentence from so many people that it can’t be a coincidence anymore: “I always said that I didn’t have the time for (insert task / hobby / responsibility), but now during the lockdown, I have the time and I still didn’t do it!”.

When people plan they often make their to-do list too optimistic. The drastic change in lifestyle that occurred added with the insecurity how long this will last or develop requires serious ‘getting used to’. This is normal and you are not the only one dealing with this problem. Stop thinking you are the only one with this problem and accept reality.

  1. Accept that you might not have the same productivity you would have normally.

  2. Make a plan that is realistic and gives you room to (slowly) build up your productivity whilst you are adapting to this new situation.

  3. Feeling bad that you haven’t optimally adapted after 4 weeks, but at the same time denying yourself to build up your productivity isn’t going to help you.


By Maarten van Elst, Vitality Coach


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